Exciting Week… Get 10-02-2021 Week in Review Now

Exciting Week… Get 10-02-2021 Week in Review Now

This week included two High School Varsity games. Both had some great play and excitement. Thanks to Rhett Workman who publishes great game updates, I am able to capture some of that insight and information for archiving purposes here. His coverage of the SnoValley Sports has been incredible over the years (Snoqualmie Valley Sports Journal – Bringing you the best coverage of Snoqualmie Valley sports (wordpress.com)).

So the team had their first game on Tuesday at Home and won the game 2-0 with two assists.

From soccer on a Wednesday…..

The week kept going for with a road game at the Edmonds Stadium against the Meadowvale Mavericks. The score was much closer with a 4-3 win but the game started off with some great excitement after Meadowvale’s first goal that was countered with two header goals scored by Madelyn off of corner kicks from two of her teammates (Elisa and Leah) who happened to set her up perfectly! She finished the games with 2 goals and an assist, per game announcer.

Wrapping up last night on the girls’ soccer pitch……
Cedarcrest High School Girl’s Soccer (Facebook – @CedarcrestSoccer)

It was a fun week of getting to watch her play soccer with excitement continuing to build for what is yet to come! Hope you enjoy the updates.