School Year 2019 in sports review

School Year 2019 in sports review

This freshman year has been an incredible adventure for Madelyn (aka MadDog) as she was able to play a full season of varsity soccer, a full season of varsity softball, a full season of junior varsity basketball with the excitement of getting called up to play with the varsity basketball team as they went into the playoffs.

The fall was an exciting time and with the school tracking things through, we are able to not only go back and review the season records, we also get the review the season stats summary for each sport.

In the fall, we had varsity soccer where she played forward and in many cases striker.

The incredible Cedarcrest Redwolves Varsity Soccer team.
Fall 2018 Season stats for Madelyn

In addition, she received multiple calls outs in the local press as well as end of the season receiving All-Wesco Honorable Mention.

After a great season of soccer, Madelyn joined the junior varsity basketball team where she had an incredible year with her friends.

After a completing the fun season, she was called up to get to play in the post season with the varsity team, bringing her energy and positivity to the court.

It was a lot of fun getting to watch her grow and develop throughout the season and complete the season with the high of getting to be a part of the varsity playoff team.

To complete her freshman sports she joined the varsity softball team. On the team she rotated between outfield (Center and Right) as well as short-stop. It was an incredible season which included an out of the park, 3-run home run.

Souvenir Home Run ball

What an incredible year with a lot of fun getting to watch her play High School sports while she was maintaining incredible grades at the same time. For more of the timeline captured by MAXPREPS, check out this link. The Cedarcrest website also shares the highlights of these incredible seasons from Soccer to Basketball to Softball.

In the midst of all the High School sports, Madelyn was playing on a Premier Soccer club where this year playing in two leagues they managed to qualify twice to go to regionals in Idaho. We have a few highlight reals from the game including these captured by the tournament for the Washington State Cup.
Oh, did I mention that she had to play goal and then kick the last PK in the PK?

In the championship game after 2 halves of regular time (40 min halves) and 2 haves of overtime (15 min halves) the game went to penalty kicks.

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  1. Mad Dog is not only a great all round sports person but an honest and all round true person. She is there for everyone, this could be why this grandmother loves her so much.