2018 is off to a great start…

Madelyn aka MadDog is now involved in both Soccer and Basketball.

Her Basketball career started with middle school team this fall and she is now on the Cedar Crest select team with a great group of girls and friends from the middle school team. Joining the team a bit late it is interesting as the names on the outer and inner jersey/shirt aren’t her as it didn’t make sense to from a timing perspective to order full gear.

She is currently playing select basketball, premier soccer, and middle school soccer with flag football coming in a few weeks.

Premier Soccer: The season started out a bit bumpy in finding a coach but the girls have really started to gel. This year she decided to start with a new team and this year she is also playing with girls her own age. Eastside FC is a great organization and she is on a great team of girls. (04 Eastside Reign A2)

Eastside FC went to Arizona and won the tournament. It was a fun and exciting time to watch the girls come together and deal with the pressure of great competition and then to win the championship game in penalty kicks having played catch up in the game which ended tied 2-2 and then finished with 4-3 win in penalty kicks in a hard fought game against FC Dallas.